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“Corrina brings an unparalleled combination of lived experience, academic training, skillful facilitation and inspiring leadership.”
Portrait shot of the social entrepreneur Liza Ponce from Bonito Studio.
Liza Ponce
BonitoStudio, Social entrepreneurs

Are you looking to catalyze meaningful and transformative change that builds greater dignity, justice and equality for people and the planet?

If the answer is “yes”, I want to help you make that happen.
I partner with individuals and organizations working towards transformative social impact as they identify and tackle barriers to creating change. 
To all of my working relationships I bring:
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    Deep experience and expertise building equitable relationships
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    Respect and appreciation for the innovation and creativity that occurs ‘at the margins'
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    Cross-cultural, multi-sectoral knowledge
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    Innovative, evidence-backed and academically-informed strategies
Read more about my background and experience here, or refer to my services below. In addition to the services outlined, I am available for speaking engagements and facilitation of subject-related retreats and events. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more.
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Working together to foster thriving systems

You are in a leadership position working for a social-impact oriented organization.
You are looking for a supportive, trusted ally who can help you to learn, reflect and grow.
You are willing to question the status quo and step outside your comfort zone.
You want to support ways of working that are more inclusive, generative and engaging.
You are part of an organization that is working towards social impact.
Your organization is actively questioning old systems and structures and working to create/embrace new ones.
You need a combination of strategic, operational and/or organizational support.
You are looking for a partner that can bring the energy (and experience) of a co-founder (whatever it takes to get the job done).
You want to learn to lead with meaning and purpose.
You want to build the skills to incorporate more inclusive and transformative practices into your work.
You want to develop greater personal mastery and collaborative skills that lead to more constructive relationships.
You want to do your learning with a cohort of values-aligned peers.
* These services are available in both English and Spanish.
Corrina Graces


The world needs leaders who are ready to challenge their fundamental assumptions about how the world does – or doesn’t – work.
We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s lonely at the top”. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it shouldn’t be. This phrase alone is a reflection of 20th century paradigms about leaders and leadership that are inadequate for our complex 21st century challenges.
Corrina’s coaching clients are purpose-driven leaders who understand that how they work is as relevant to creating systemic change as what they do. They are ready to look beyond their own positions to catalyze leadership in the people around them and create needed change throughout their organizations in order to create meaningful and transformative impact.
Corrina only takes on a handful of coaching clients each year.  The coaching engagement is based on a structured yet flexible approach over a specified period of time (minimum eight sessions), and is contextualized to the specific needs and unique challenges of each person.
Through your coaching, you can expect to develop a trusted and supportive relationship with Corrina that will provide you with:
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A mid-age business woman sitting and thinking with a phone on her hand and a pen ready to take notes.
“Corrina is an empathetic, wise human being and a great facilitator. She has a special sense for people and asking the right questions at the right time. I was also impressed by her efficiency and professionalism. Thank you for this great learning opportunity!”
A portrait of the Project Manager Martina Schlumpf
Martina Schlumpf
Project Manager
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Supporting people and organizations as they identify and tackle barriers to creating meaningful and transformative change.
Long term change requires long term commitment, which is why Corrina’s approach to consulting is done with the attitude and approach of a cofounder. Whether it’s developing an equitable approach to impact measurement, building out a CRM that understands the unique challenges of the social innovation ecosystem, or helping you to shape an organizational culture that’s truly transformative, Corrina’s unique breadth and depth of experience and expertise is an asset to any organization.
Corrina’s approach to consulting takes a long-term viewpoint, working on both breadth and depth. Throughout the partnership, she provides strategic, operational and organizational support to develop and grow the kinds of ideas, teams, and companies that are building a better future for all of life.
Each engagement is tailored to the unique needs of the organization, so book a call to speak with Corrina if you are interested in exploring more.
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“Corrina is talented in bringing out the best in people; whether individually or in groups. Passionate, visionary, dedicated, patient, all around amazing.”
A portrait of Cody Lee, Mental Health Associate.
Cody Lee
Mental Health Associate


Transformative leadership – a leadership approach that provokes changes in people and social systems, inspiring worthwhile and positive change to work towards a common goal.
Corrina’s Transformational Leadership training course is for those individuals interested in cultivating bold leadership and courageous action towards a better future for all.
This customized training program is designed to help you realize your full leadership potential and learn how to lead with meaning and purpose, exploring areas such as: personal mastery, futures thinking, strategic questioning, systems thinking, collective intelligence, and radical collaboration approaches.
The program is run as a 6-monthly, cohort-style training. You can sign up to join one of Corrina’s twice-yearly global cohorts, or contact Corrina about running a bespoke program (minimum 5 participants) for your organization or a network of peers.
The program is taught online, so you can participate from anywhere in the world and consists of 16 sessions of 1.5 hours each. Over the course of the program, you will learn to: 
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Happy confident businesswomen standing together.
“I loved this week so, so much and feel I am leaving as a more thoughtful, well-rounded confident woman with a wonderful, beautiful team by her side.”
A portrait of Christen Brandt, the cofounder of She's The First
Christen Brandt
Cofounder, She's The First

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If you’re unsure that you need to engage in a full service, but are still looking for some guidance and advice, you can book a consultancy call with Corrina.
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