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“Let’s take off our masks of difference and indifference and commit ourselves to creating the world to which we aspire.”

The Weaver’s Way

My life’s work is guided by a clear North Star: to serve those brave and courageous people who are striving to challenge the status quo and build a more just and equitable world for people and the planet. If you think you might like us to work together, please take a moment to read more about who I am and how I work below.

A Meta-Weaver

I live my life as a meta-weaver. By this, I mean that I move in and out of many different communities where I have had the opportunity to build sacred connections to people and place. 

It’s not always an easy choice. While there are often times when I wish to simply root down deeply in one spot, I choose this meta-weaving with great intentionality.


We are living in a time increasingly marked by tribalism and intolerance of those with different beliefs and backgrounds. It's too easy to close off in fear of ‘the other’. Whether the difference is wealth, culture, class, geography, or any of the other markers used to divide us, the communities I belong to are as diverse and disparate as you could imagine. And I hold deep love and respect for them all.

As I move in and out of these different spaces, I weave threads of connection that build respect, compassion, and understanding. It is one way that I hope to safeguard against the divisive forces that would tear us asunder.

This way of being also gifts me a diversity of lived experience and unique perspective that is a great source of innovation and creativity in my work.
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The Interstices

As a function of being a meta-weaver, I spend much of my time in the interstices – the space between.
There is a principle in ecology called the Edge Effect. It states that the interface between things is where the most interesting events take place... where you will find the most valuable, diverse and productive elements in the system. That principle holds true in human systems. I watch, observe, learn and play on these edges, and use them as a source of creativity and innovation.

Those interstices also hold the magic of human connection. The space between where me becomes we becomes us. I hold a lifelong inquiry to learn how best to navigate this place of connection, so we can all become more adept at building equitable relationships that find strength in their diversity and celebration of our common humanity.

A Non-Negotiable Credo

While I believe that so much of life is about embracing change and allowing for emergence, there is one element that is non-negotiable and that is the values and guiding principles by which I live and work. I am guided by a credo of mindful authenticity, creative collaboration, community-accountable integrity, interconnectedness and radical curiosity. Equally, I look for these similar values reflected in the individuals, organizations and movements that I choose to give my time and energy to.

In the same way, I have made a conscious choice to spend my time and energy supporting the people and places that are frequently overlooked or left out of mainstream systems. That means that I preference working with initiatives led by women, non-binary and BIPOC folk, with a focus on disadvantaged and under-resourced settings.
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Whatever It Takes

We are at a decisive moment in human history. One that is asking us to both turn and face the hard truths of our past, as well as roll up our sleeves to begin the work of shaping a better future. Together. 

My partnership motto is “whatever it takes to get the job done”, and it’s one of the reasons that my cross-sectoral, cross-cultural (cross-everything) career is such a gift. An engineer, entrepreneur, co-founder, author, activist and change agent, I bring an unparalleled combination of lived experience, academic training, skillful facilitation and inspiring leadership. When we work together, you get it all.
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Corrina Grace

Corrina is a social entrepreneur, engineer, author and sustainability leader with 15+ years building and strengthening social impact organisations. 10+ years living and working with disenfranchised, economically marginalized communities on the frontlines of climate change has solidified a personal commitment to ensuring justice and equality for People + Planet, a commitment that shapes her work at all levels.
Corrina is the cofounder of SERES, a UNESCO award-winning organization that cultivates and catalyzes youth leaders to build more just and sustainable futures in Central America. She currently sits on the Board and serves as Senior Advisor to SERES' passionate, multi-lingual team and volunteer youth trainers. 

Corrina brings an engineer’s love for solving problems, a pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial tendencies to everything she does. She is a Fellow of the 10th class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. She holds a Masters in Social Innovation for Sustainable Development from Università degli Studi di Torino and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Sydney.
A portrait of Corrina Grace: a social entrepreneur, engineer, sustainability leader and bilingual facilitator with 15+ years building and strengthening social impact organisations.

Are you catalyzing meaningful and transformative change that builds greater dignity, justice and equality for people and the planet?

I want to help you make that happen.
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The Weaver's Way

A blueprint for shaping change that harnesses our deep inner instinct for connection, caring and a better tomorrow.

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Are you building greater dignity, justice and equality for people and the planet? Let’s make it happen. Together.

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