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“It's time to shift the conversation. To let go of the stories of the past, and be part of a new narrative for the future. Because it is only through the regeneration and recreation of our stories and beliefs about the world and each other that we will begin to create a free, fair, and flourishing home for life in all its manifestations.”
The Weaver’s Way

For too long, the stories of change we’ve been told have been dominated by heroes and saviours, steeped in a misguided mythology of singular achievement.

These stories don’t serve us. 

It’s time to give ourselves a new story, one that embraces a new way of leading and leadership. Our old stories convinced us we didn't have the power, permission, position, or perspective to shape change. Our new story gives us the privilege to do so. 

Let’s reclaim that privilege.
Leadership of the future is less about the theory of an idealised leadership model and more about the practical ability to navigate a journey of authenticity and inspiration; energising and equipping oneself and others to make the right choices for the situation at hand.
Giles Hutchins
Co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation
I don’t believe in heroes, but I do believe in the power of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I believe in you.
So what’s your new story?
I am re-thinking aged care
I am re-connecting to community
I am re-inventing my organization
I am re-imaging the economy
I am building a creative design studio for social impact projects
I am cleaning up the beauty industry
I am building a future for Guatemalan youth
Let’s make it happen

Are you catalyzing meaningful and transformative change that builds greater dignity, justice and equality for people and the planet?

I want to help you make that happen.
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The Weaver's Way

A blueprint for shaping change that harnesses our deep inner instinct for connection, caring and a better tomorrow.

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Are you building greater dignity, justice and equality for people and the planet? Let’s make it happen. Together.

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Abigail Quic
“Corrina has worked with me as coach and mentor since 2012. During that time she has accompanied me on my journey as I learnt to overcome my shyness and use my voice and experience to live a life of purpose. Through her thoughtful and gentle questioning, Corrina has unleashed in me a deep desire to fully understand the context of underprivileged youth in this country -- of which I was one -- and to bring together my creativity and leadership to build projects that can truly respond to the most pressing problems in this region.”
Abigail Quic
Founder, Social Entrepreneur, Nonprofit leader